Friday, September 17, 2010

Can You See Yourself Hanging Out With Any of This Crew? I Can't. And That Is Why the Democrat Party Will Fail in November.

...The democrat party of 2010 has no connection with the people whatsoever. And obviously I ain't just talkin' about a lack of connection to the deranged right-winger tea partiers. The Independents have not only left the building, but we're already a couple of hundred yards down the road.

Depicted in the main pic above is Harvard law school grad and former constitutional law professor Obama (which I still find rather unbelievable given his obvious disdain for much of the Constitution), flanked by Dartmouth grad and treasury secretary Tim Geithner, as Obama announces his appointment today of Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren to be the "architect" of the new "consumer financial protection bureau" (whatever that means, but I doubt it can be good news for small businesses).

What, was Professor Kingsfield from The Paper Chase (second picture above) not available? No doubt he must have been too busy engaging in new analysis of Carbolic Smoke Ball and/or the "Hairy Hand" decision (Hawkins v. McGee, 145 A. 641 (N.H. 1929)). I myself, shortly, am off to the $hithouse to try out my novel new interpretation of The Rule in Dumpor's Case.