Monday, June 28, 2010

Stop the Press! "Kagan Vows to Rule Impartially," Reports

And we have confirmation from CNN, which is reporting at this hour that United States Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, on the first day today of her Senate confirmation hearings, "pledges open mind, impartiality if confirmed to Supreme Court." Kagan's vow must come as quite the relief for her dem supporters, since it had been widely anticipated that Kagan might testify today that she intends to take to the bench committed to the principles of partiality, non-objectivity, bias, close-mindedness, and even a touch of unfairness just for good measure. But nothin' doin' on that front!

Be sure to check back here for further summaries of the hard-hitting events from this circus (errrr, hearing). As a tease, currently developing is a new update from CNN reporting that "partisanship marks Kagan hearing." Bombshell!