Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Charlie Sheen Allegedly Dons Fake Cheesy Mustache, Sneaks Out of Rehab, For a Rendezvous With Angelina!?

No, not Angelina Jolie, but rather Angelina Tracy. In Touch Weekly is reporting that Sheen recently has repeatedly sported this ridiculous disguise and scurried away from rehab in order to carry on an affair with Tracy, a lingerie model who moonlights as a $3000/hour escort operating under the professional name of "Nina" (story linked below). (BTW, Sheen is, of course, currently married to Brooke Mueller).

Was Sheen really dumb enough to think that this nutty fake 'stache (which one could probably obtain for a buck at the local five-and-dime) was going to fool the paparazzi? Or is all of this really just a cry for help, meaning he wanted to get caught? Or, there's a third possibility: When I saw this pic, I busted out laughing -- so maybe Sheen has a real sick sense of humor and is doing all of this just to entertain us? If so, I give him some credit. But if not, dude has some real issues.