Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Palin to Tea Parties: Pick a Party." Rager To Palin: Pick a Lake, and Then Go Jump In It.

First of all, Palin telling tea partiers to pick a party with whom to be affiliated is the height of absurdity. The tea partiers are, simply put, a conservative movement, and thus they are already republicans (even if they claim they aren't) whose main calling card is that they are republicans who really hate moderate republicans and feel like they will call themselves "independent" (which they are not) until the republican party forcibly kicks to the curb every single republican moderate nationwide. Folks, that's what the tea partiers are all about. And it's pathetic. (As I've said 1000 times in this space, these two TEENY TINY LITTLE SMALL TENT parties have NO PLACE for me or you unless we are also radical extremists like the people who control those 2 parties -- otherwise, you are to be LOATHED, HATED, AND EX-COMMUNICATED. Period.)

But I digress. The main reason for telling Big Hottie (because she IS HOT) to go jump in a lake somewhere is as follows: Why in the hell would I ever purport to "pick" or join either of these 2 parties? For what reason? What reason have they ever given me?!? These are two parties who represent virtually no one in the country. They represent little streaks, and little lines, and little swaths of radical right-wingers and radical progressives. At least 60-65% of the country is not represented by either of these parties in any way, shape or form. So you say that I need to pick a side and pick a party, Ms. Palin? Sorry. But I have to decline your ultimatum. Because it will be a cold day in hell before this true Independent ever aligns himself with either one of your two bullshit parties.