Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Man, I Get Really Tired of Hearing About All This CEO Bonus Stuff.

Obama says one thing previously, now something different, and the radical leftist base is pissed (links below). Who cares?!? For what is supposedly such a hotbed "populist" issue (to me, much more seems like a hotbead "progressive" issue) -- who gives a rat's ass? I suppose there are some Indendents, non-conservatives and non-liberals who do care, but this crap is not even on my radar screen. Here's how I look at the issue (not that I care that much): If the dude/dudess has a contract saying he/she's entitled to the bonus, then they get it. End of story. In contrast, if (1) it's a bonus that's discretionary from the company and (2) the company has accepted some form of bailout or significant federal government subsidy to supports its operations, then that company better be damn sure that the federal government powers-that-be are onboard before issuing said bonus. Is there really any more to this issue than that? Like I said, I'm sick of hearing about it. I don't care.