Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Conservative Restaurateur Charges Liberals $1 Surcharge on Drinks": Now THAT's an Idea! But What's Good for the Goofs Is Also Good for the Right-Wingers...

Story's from Utah (link below). I start by noting that the C-Word and the L-Word above are in quotes. I never use those words myself, since they're the terms the leftists and right-wingers have chosen for themselves, and they don't deserve the respect of being called their self-chosen monikers. But I digress...

This whole surcharge-on-the-leftists idea, I must admit, ain't half-bad. To set the bar:  Ya know, I've always wanted my own joint. I've heard before that there's nothing sweeter than sipping a drink inside a joint you can call your own. I'd call it "Rager's".

And if Rager's ever comes to fruition, I'm gonna borrow this Utah slimeball's idea -- although with an Independent twist: I think I'll institute a $10 buck per head cover charge for all loony leftist 20 percenters and all deranged right-wingers!

After all, I really don't want any of those partisan freaks near my joint, and it would be my right to slap their loudmouthed, group-thinkin' asses with a nice fat tax (leftists should appreciate that) for the honor of paying me to get f*cked up in my presence, with me there in person.

And as I borrow this Utah idea: Just look at this open-minded Independent over here! Willing to listen to and adopt ideas from all sides. Such a novel concept.