Monday, January 30, 2012

So You Want Me to Do Something to Help Out the Hispanic Community? OK, I Think Maybe I'll Eat Some Tacos.

That's a rather crude, inappropriate remark, of course. But when it was recently uttered by the mayor of East Haven, Connecticut (a rocket scientist named Joseph Maturo), the local townsfolk "inundated and deluged" the goofjob's mayoral office with "2,000 Mexican dishes" and a whole lotta tacos. They called it the "Send the Mayor a Taco" Campaign (link at bottom).

So where's my free eats? Send 'em along, please. I could use the nourishment. Send the Rager a Taco.

[Deliveries welcome, just not during the day or before midnight: The Independent Rage, 1313 Outhouse Way, Tightwad MO. Hot sauce and/or salsa condiments appreciated, but not required. And no spitting in the mixture, if you please.]