Friday, December 2, 2011

They May Want to Change Horses in Midstream: Playboy's Barbi Twins Outraged at Obama & Others For Lifting of Horse Slaughter Ban...

I'd say former Playboy playmates Shane and Sia Barbi (apparently previous Obama supporters) backed the wrong horse in 2008 AD. The two self-styled horse advocates are making more noise than a gelding on the chopping block after Obama this week signed legislation lifting the 5-year ban on horse slaughter for meat.

These two bosomy buckaroos may look as healthy as a horse, but they were just champing at the bit this week to take to Twitter to blast Obama and Wyoming state lawmaker Sue Wallis (a leading supporting of lifting the ban) -- whom the Barbis refer to affectionately as "Slaughterhouse Sue." Their Tweet said:

"Obama screwed up & caved n 2 Slaughterhouse SueWallis. Many excuse Obama sayn he didn't know what he sign! He caved n 2 Slaughterhouse SueWallis the devil!"

These two buxom bronco broads also weren't holding their horses when it came to an e-mail they put out to stud this week: "While Obama was pardoning a turkey, he abandoned our horses," neighed the roughriding tandem. But by attacking the leftist 20 percenter Obama, might they just be looking a gift horse in the mouth?

Regardless, even more of this shapely pony pair's horsey ire seems directed at ol' Slaughterhouse Sue (pictured below), whom the Barbis describe as a "pro horse slaughter" gop-er politician. (Try running for office on that platform, BTW: "Send me to the statehouse, and I'll see to it that horses are butchered from one side of this state to the other, since I'm the only Pro-Horse Slaughter candidate in this race!").

The Barbis have apparently put Slaughterhouse's Sue personal phone number out there on the Net, imploring people to call the lawmaker and tell her to get off her high horse. "How lovely of them to blast my personal information to the world," whinnied Ms. Slaughterhouse in response. Better break out the riding crop.

Also straight from the horse's mouth, Slaughterhouse Sue says that before people kick up their heels at her too much, they should rest assured that she's "not out to hunt down every Mr. Ed in American farmhouses." (Wilbur Post and his voluptuous blonde bombshell wife Carol just snorted a huge collective sigh of relief).

Ms. Slaughterhouse also actually claims that allowing horse slaughter "improves horse welfare" by giving horse owners an outlet for selling off their old plugs instead of inhumanely "dumping them out in the desert." (And indeed, it is a load of my mind that when my mare Flossy gets old and worthless, I won't have to truck her from Missouri down to the Arizona desert after all).

When she's not being a republic partisan, Slaughterhouse Sue also heads an organization called "United Organizations of the Horse" (apparently having no connection to Duran Duran's "Union of the Snake"), which has been beating this issue like a dead horse for years with the Barbi twins.

Ms. Slaughterhouse's organization has even reportedly put the two chesty horse lovers on a "black list" of political opponents (presumably similar to the Obama and Nixon "enemies list"). And that's precisely what has to be done with people who disagree with you -- since, after all, while you can lead a horse to water, you damn sure can't make him drink.