Wednesday, November 23, 2011

She Was as Cool as a F*cked Up Little Fonzie: "Drunk Motorist Poses for Mugshot with Two Thumps Up" After Allegedly Going Berzerk in Attack on Cops!

Maybe Samuel L. Jackson's hitman character from Pulp Fiction got to her or something and said "bitch chill, or else I'll whack ya out!" But regardless of what it was, something transformed this bombed broad from a wild-ass fuzz-buster into a cool little Fonzie wannabe inside of a very short period of time (allegedly). Maybe the cops just gave her another drink?

Anyway, it all started when 24-year-old Michelle Watson of Prescott, Arizona was allegedly driving her old heap down the road whilst plastered to the tune of three times the legal limit -- typically a recipe for unhappy endings. And sure enough, Watson allegedly started swerving all over road, driving up on sidewalks, and taking out or bouncing off "numerous curbs" as she sloshed her way merrily along.

And when the cops dared to pull her wasted ass over, the fun really got rolling! First, Watson allegedly started cursing up a storm, unleashing "an outburst of profane language": "I don't have to walk fucking nowhere," Watson allegedly blasted at the cops.

Watson next allegedly refused to take any form of sobriety test and proceeded to go apeshit on the cops, "shoving" one of them and kneeing a second one right in the crotch when he tried to slap the ol' cuffs on this blitzed babe -- as she all the while continued to let the expletives fly! Not cool.

When finally cuffed following the scuffle, Watson reportedly continued to cuss the cops and forced them to physically carry her to the police cruiser, which she then allegedly proceeded to kick the hell out of once she was deposited inside.

Miraculously, however, "her mood appears to have brightened" during the time it took cops to haul this liquored-up lush (allegedly) down to the local hoosegow for booking.

There, Watson was reportedly able to shake off the effects of her drunken haze (allegedly) long enough to "cheerfully pose for a mughsot with two thumbs up and a winning smile," as pictured above. You'd think she'd just scored a free case of Keystone Ice right there in the can!

No word whether Watson was still laughing and posing once cops next slapped her pickled, grinnin' kisser with charges of resisting arrest and aggravated assault on a cop, not to mention the seemingly novel charge of "super extreme DUI." Maybe it was that sad, funny charge, in particular, that met with so much exuberant approval from this youthful boozer (allegedly)? Two thumbs up-worth, apparently.