Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slimeball Voter Manipulation, Left-Wing & Right-Wing Extremist Style: Don't Fall For It.

Both parties and both extremes are and will be doing it over the next six days leading up to the November 2 midterm elections. I call it voter manipulation, and don't fall for this crap. The lead article in today's (link at bottom) gives one example:

The democrat party nationwide (particularly in the U.S. House races) has embraced a strategy of pouring money into trying to drum up votes for fringe right-wing tea party candidates who (1) are not running as republicans because they lost the party primary and (2) have no chance of winning according to the polls. The purpose here is obvious: Manipulate voters into voting for someone with no shot of winning in order to take votes away from the republican candidate. Slimeball stuff.

And the right-wingers engage in the same sort of crap. One example is conservative demagogue Rush Slimebaugh, who is currently engaging in a little voter manipulation project of his own, which he calls "Operation Reverse Chaos." Slimebaugh is using his radio show (and its huge audience) to encourage democrats not to vote on Tuesday. So why would democrats possibly listen to Slimebaugh? Because Slimebaugh tries to convince them that the bigger the republican win on Tuesday, the better the chances of Hillary Clinton making a democrat party primary run at Obama in 2012. Obviously, Clinton has a ton of supporters out there who would love nothing better than for her to be president instead of Obama.

Here's the difference between Independents like me and the extremists that control the democrat party and republican party: They will actually try to defend all this crap using one of their typical, mindless third-grade-style "yeah but, the other side does it too" arguments: The ol' "two wrongs make a right" foolishness. Contrast that with me: I say bullshit is bullshit, no matter whose slimy ass it's spewing out of. When I get a whiff of it, I condemn it for what it is.

And to circle back to a point raised at the top: Realize this stuff is going on; recognize it for what it truly is; and do not let it impact you. If you're a democrat who actually believes the democrat party has done a good job in DC that last two years, then go vote for the democrat -- even if I do think you're clinically insane. And if you've decided to vote republican, then vote for the republican and don't be influenced by democrat party propaganda encouraging you to vote for some extremist third party "tea party" candidate who has no chance of winning. As always, think for yourselves, and never let the sleazebuckets on the far right and far left, nor either of these two parties, do your thinking for you.