Thursday, September 30, 2010

DRUDGE Headline: "They Couldn't Even Pass a Budget!, But Found Time to Enact a Law Limiting Volume of TV Commercials."
But What's Wrong With That!?

Yes, the democrat party's failure to pass a budget this year was an act of pure political cowardice. So what else is new? But why does Drudge at the same time pick on this new legislation regulating TV commercial volume? I think it's a good piece of legislation, and apparently lawmakers in both parties agree, as the measure passed unanimously in the Senate after earlier passing the House (links to both stories at bottom).

How many damn times have I been trying to fall asleep to the television, watching History Channel or some old movie, only to be loudly and rudely interrupted by some annoying commercial, with some loud idiot spokesperson (such as the pictured Shamwow slimeball), and with volume twice as loud as the damn television program!?! For once, Congress actually got it right here. Not that it matters much. They've got about a month left until we kick a whole bunch of their sorry asses to the damn curb.