Saturday, February 27, 2010

Enough Already! W/ Signs That We Are In No Economic Recovery At All, Obama & The Dems Continue to Focus on Their Massive, Unpopular Health Care Bill.

Today House Speaker Pelosi indicates that they want to continue to focus on their health care legislation over the next 6 weeks. Nothing overly surprising there: I've always maintained that if you've watched how these far left progressives have conducted themselves over the past year, you'd know that their health care aspirations would not go away easily, even after the breaking up of their supermajority in the Senate with Scott Brown's election. They just can't let go, regardless of the continued unpopularity of this legislation throughout the country. They know best for us. We don't. That's the far left world view. And perhaps it might be a bit more tolerable at present if only we didn't have so many other much more pressing issues facing the country right now. I know that Independents are paying attention to this continued silliness by the progressive-controlled dem party. Those same Independents are going to be having some real fun come this fall's elections, I predict.