Saturday, December 26, 2009 "Middle Ground Crumbles in Health Care Debate." Well, Nuts to That!

Never before in American history has such a massive restructuring of our economy passed on a purely party-line vote in the Senate. That right there is all you need to know that Obama & The Dems' health care "reform" legislation is bad legislation. It's a massive monstrosity of a bill that hardly anyone -- including the lawmakers who voted to pass it -- have fully read or digested. It was crafted in Capitol backrooms by Harry Reid and his minions. It's also widely unpopular in polling of the American people. I think these were very Dark Days when House dems, and just now, Senate dems, ram-rodded this mess right on through. If this was a good piece of legislation, likely to have a positive effect on the country, then history tells us that it would not have been rammed through on a strictly party-line basis and it would have at least something approaching 50-50 support amongst the American people.

If the damn republicans would have rammed through some massive piece of conservative legislation under the same circumstances, I would feel exactly the same. Trust me, I ain't runnin' out to join those freaks either. As seen during the W years, they are almost or perhaps just as dangerous to the country (see the Iraq war, huge deficit spending, etc.) as the radical progressive-controlled dem party. Both of these two sides represent little swaths of the country and do not represent me or you in any way, shape or form. Just as the radical progressive-controlled democrat party can kiss my ass, so too can the "tea partiers," and the conservatives, and the whole damn republican party. I don't trust any of them. Tell me something, do you?

Those of us who (1) look at the issues independently and (2) have the desire to speak out about it, will continue to try to hound these two bullshit extremes and two bullshit parties to the edge of hell. If you folks thought I was ragin' in 2009, just wait til ya get a load of me in 2010. The passage of this bullshit health care bill has only energized me, only reinvigorated me, and only made me angrier. Should be a fun new year!!!