Monday, April 11, 2016

Time's Come to Call Out the gop-er Talking Heads (Like Krauthammer) on Their 2015 Declaration That This Was "The Best [gop-er] Presidential Field in a Generation!" Hardly...

All in all, the 2016 gop-er class has turned out to be little more than an analogous group of rummies to the 2012 assortment.  To wit:

- Marco Rubio:  The perspiration-challenged, repetitive Cuban Waterboy was definitely not ready for prime time.  Painful performance.

- Ted Cruz:  As succinctly put by only me on the day Cruz declared: Unelectable.

- Trump:  Cartoonish and crazy to the last. Ric Flair pulled off this act with a lot more humor, grace, and humanity than "The Donald" has ever exhibited. Maybe instead you can run The Nature Boy for Pres in 2020, uh gop'ers?

- Chris Christie:  The best debater the gop-ers have.  Unfortunately for them, he had little else upon which he resonates at a national level.

- Ben Carson:  The consummate gentleman that most of us wish we could know personally, but clearly lacking the willingness to put in the same study time he must've put in at Med School when it came to just about any complex issue out there, foreign or domestic. Study up next time, Ben.

- John Kasich:  Between flailing his hands and arms around uncontrollably during nearly every public appearance, to giving himself a ticker-tape parade when he won his one primary state (in his home state, no less), this guy just strikes me as the typical sort of mealy-mouthed, stand-for-nothing, wimpy career politician type that the leftists and their media have grown to love as the gop-er nominee in so many recent presidential elections.

- Scott Walker: Thankfully, the USA ain't Wisconsin, what with its huge population of both loony leftists and doctrinaire deranged right-wingers (and not much of anything else).  Please remind me not to visit that place ever in my lifetime.

- Jeb Bush:  2 words: Whatta Assclown.

- Rand Paul:  A completely refurbished, rebranded hair piece might be a start if there's ever a next time.

- Carly Fiorina:  Being twice as smart as Sarah Palin (considering the starting point) can only get a broad so far.

- Rick Perry:  Should've tried to recapture his 2012 form, since he sure as hell would've gotten a lot more media traction if he'd forgotten his talking points again this time around.

- Bobby Jindal: Some people should never endeavor to perform a State of the Union response speech. Or a presidential run for that matter.

- Lindsey Graham: People who have made a nice career angering the left and right equally should stay on that path rather than trying to wade into the same place as the slimeballs of the left and right, particularly when they bring no more to the table than the garden-variety political skills of Graham. Food for thought, senator.

SO, Congrats on your Greatest Class of a Generation, gop-ers! The same one about to be rolled by a fundamentally flawed candidate in the perpetually dishonest and corrupt Hilary the Hoary.  Maybe in another nine or ten generations, gop-ers, you might actually win another presidential election.

11/9/2016 Postscript:  Well, with my opinion above from April that Trump would be toast in November, it turns out that I was like a little Fonzie over here: I was Wr-Wr-Wr-Wr-Wr-Wr-Wr-Wr-Wr.... Regardless, I still think the crazy Trump will likely be an awful president (I voted third party, as usual), but I can also say that I don't exactly mind seeing that America is not yet a complete one-party state at the presidential level in favor of the leftist 20 percenters (sorry in advance for the double negative, Jeeves).  And Finally: One last sentiment that goes straight out to the lameduck His Majesty King Nothing Obama himself: It's just a damn shame that the first black president of the United States had to be you.