Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama Proclaims Today, "The American People Didn't Vote For Gridlock!"
The Hell We Didn't.

That was the latest out-of-touch, blinded blast from the impenetrable bubble that is the White House, as Obama talked at the media following a meeting with congressional republicans concerning the December lameduck session that will precede the new GOP incumbents being seated in January (hit first link for full story).

As previously discussed in this space, a primary motivation for American Independents (the people who decide your elections) to vote for GOP candidates on November 2 was to restore a measure of power balance to DC after watching two terrifying years of the far leftists completely controlling the federal government -- a motivation that was only confirmed by polling data on November 2 and November 3 (second and third links at bottom).

Put another way, American Independents weren't voting for the republicans or their incessant far right rhethoric, but rather were voting for the principle that neither of these two awful parties should ever have enough power again to do any significant further damage to this country. That's the textbook definition of GRIDLOCK, and gridlock is exactly what we wanted as a result of the 2010 midterm elections. As I recall posting on my sidebar column on November 2: "I never thought the word Gridlock could sound so beautiful!"

Not that I would realistically expect Obama to ever have even a cursory understanding of American political opinion or the American Independent. He could care less and, even if he did care, the beltway cocoon known as Washington DC would likely never allow him to be anything other than the completely tone-deaf, embarrassing president that he's always been (along with George W. Bush, the two worst presidents of my lifetime). Yes, I bring it pretty hard at Obama, I realize. But if the shoe fits.